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the art shop

the staffordshire art and design shop sells a variety of art, media and design supplies at affordable prices. it is open to everyone, including students, staff, and and the public.

we stock a great range of art supplies and other items that make up one of the best offerings in the city, including:

  • Blank CD's & DVD's
  • cameras and camera films
  • batteries
  • needles
  • cotton
  • buttons
  • beads
  • giftwrap
  • extension leads
  • plugs
  • a large selection of  general stationery

you will be served by one of our helpful staff and there are numerous swatches on the counter for you to choose your materials from. you should find our prices to be substantially cheaper. we order in bulk to get the best possible discounts.

what do we sell?


pens, pencils, rulers, compass, set squares, circle and ellipse templates, erasers, a4 ring files and refill pads, pritt pads, blu tack, staplers and staples, hole punches, pins, string, paper clips etc.


pva, copydex, pritt sticks, bostik, uhu, super glue, spray mount, display mount, photo mount, cool glue guns.

paper and card

cartridge paper, layout paper, marker paper, tracing paper, graph paper, tissue paper in 20 colours, watercolour papers, coloured sugar paper, colourplan paper and card in 42 colours, 45 colours of canson pastel paper, 25 handmade papers from india and japan, marbled paper, parchment style paper, 4 thicknesses of white card, 35 colours of mounting board, 4 colours of mirror board, 3 thicknesses of fome board, various a4 papers for photocopiers including acetates.

paint and brushes

oil paints, cryla, system 3 acrylic, gouache, watercolours, spray acrylic, poster paint, introductory paint sets, various brushes for all types of paint, including chinese brushes and general household brushes, acrylic and oil painting mediums, linseed oil.


two grades of canvas available in various cut lengths.

general art materials

sketchbooks a2, a3, a4, a5, and a6, in various hardback covers in bound or spiral backs. cheaper softback sketch pads, portfolios a1, a2, a3, a4, leather type with sleeves available. a1, a2, a3, weatherproof carry cases. chalk pastels and oil pastels available singly or various boxed sizes. watercolour pencils and polychromos pencils available singly or boxed. drawing inks in 20 colours. glass paint and outliner. technical pens and lettering stencils. dry transfer lettering, silver solder, fluxite, wire bundles. drafting film by the sheet or metre length. photographic supplies black and white and colour print films, or colour slide film for 120, 35mm or 5x4 cameras. multigrade filters, slide clip frames, neg pages, slide pages, photo pages, black and white and colour printing paper in various sizes.


We stock recordable, re-recordable and multi-layered DVD & CDs. We also stock flash drives, memory cards, SD cards, Mini DV tapes, Mini discs (as well as traditional audio cassettes).

ceramic tools

metal or wooden modelling tools, cheese wires, potters knives, metal and rubber kidneys, sponges, including natural and sponge on stick. specialist ceramic brushes.

hand tools

hammers, pin hammers, pliers, glass cutters, screwdrivers, junior hacksaws, general purpose saws, staple guns, stanley knives, retractable knives, scalpels, sandpaper, all sizes of battery, plugs, fuses, circle cutters, mount cutters, drill bits.

general crafts materials

we also stock an interesting range of feathers, felt, buttons, beads and masks (for our film and drama costumes!)

where to find us

we are based on the staffordshire university college road campus. you can find us on the ground floor of the henrion building between the crafts studion and the surface decoration workshop.

we are just a 2 minute walk from stoke station and are accessible via a range of local bus routes.